I teach guitar in North West London for all levels. My approach to teaching and music theory is very flexible. I teach a wide scope of styles comprising almost anything you may be interested in from classical to pop, blues, folk, rock and jazz. I adapt my teaching to your needs, interests and ability. Lessons can either be online via Skype, in my studio (London NW7) or in the comfort of your home.

  • Screen Shot 2015-04-06 at 01.35.25“Rafael has been teaching my daughter Nina for 4 years and he has been an amazing teacher. Nina has always looked forward to the lessons which felt fun despite being intensive. She has gained the confidence to pick up her guitar and play whenever she has felt like it. I feel Rafael is not just teaching the guitar: he is passing on his love for the instrument, which is fantastic!”

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    Frederique Dahan
  • I travel often, but when I’m in Australia we have a weekly Skype appointments which despite the distance works really well. Jaye Seal


    I began having lessons with Rafael as he was teaching me a song I was interested in learning. He adapted the lessons to my wants and needs, he is a natural teacher, patient and enjoys sharing his passion. When I’m in Australia we have a weekly Skype appointment which despite the distance works really well. I recommend Rafael to people not only in Europe but all over the world.


    Jaye Seal
  • Rafael is completely flexible and takes a very pragmatic approach yielding fast results

    After putting it off for over twenty years, I finally committed to learning guitar 2 years ago. I was a complete music novice having not done anything since school days and never played an instrument. I have a full-time job and family that I need to fit my guitar around. Rafael has been teaching and coaching me since I started and to date, I can play over 30 guitar pieces from may different genres on both acoustic and electric guitar. I also have an elementary understanding of the theory of music. Given the amount of time I have to dedicate, results have been very rewarding. Rafael is completely flexible and takes a very pragmatic approach yielding fast results and offering innovative coaching to break through frustration quickly. I fully recommend working with him!

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    Adrian Huxley
  • Having Skype lessons with Rafael is really inspiring.

    Rafael is a fantastic teacher, he is a great guitarist and a very knowledgable musician. He has deep understanding of both the guitar and music theory and also the ability to communicate it in a friendly and relevant way. This makes having lessons with him memorable and fun. My guitar technique has improved dramatically and his Skype lessons are at the top of my list for things to look forward to in the week.”

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    Caspar Leopard (formerly of Get People)