rafael_image_BW_2 “It is my strong belief that everybody can learn to play music and benefit from it’s vast gifts.”
Rafael Marchante Angulo

I am a performing artist and a teacher with a real passion to empower people who want to develop musical abilities. I strongly believe everybody can benefit (emotionally and intellectually) from engaging in playing music and everybody is capable of doing so.

I’ve been teaching privately for the last 15 years and since I began my musical studies I taught guitar to adults for Hounslow Council between 2009 and 2015 and I taught for Slough Music Service in schools for 18 months between 2011 and 2012. I graduated as a psychologist in 2008 at Goldsmiths University and I finished my BA Jazz in Middlesex University July 2015. I currently work as a part time instrumental teacher at BroomfieldHouse School in Kew, which is one of the centres where the Trinity College instrumental exams take place.

I feel at home playing styles from around the world as well as popular music (pop, rock, blues + everything in between). Privately I cater for different needs, whether you want to learn through grades or just learn the songs/pieces you love most:

-If you want to design your own learning routes I can produce all the relevant materials, charts, scores, backing tracks, chords and scale diagrams to a professional standard during the lessons.

-As far as graded exams go ABRSM offers classical while Trinity/Guildhall offer classical and plectrum repertoires. Another choice is Rock School which explores what could be called 20th century chart styles with a strong focus in rock but not exclusively. If you choose to follow any of those the materials are already determined by the examination board.

My strong recommendation is to include elements of theory and aural skills training in the lessons, whether or not doing grades, as I find they always help students develop a deeper and wider understanding of the musical language.