Song 1: It Had To Be (by Lucidia Omamori and Rafael Marchante)

This song is part of my first release with Shrinari called “Awake to Wonder”, you can find it here

Song 2: Paseando

This is a classical inspired ambient track based on an improvisation I recorded for a collaboration with my friend Andrea Terrano

Song 3: La Song Gaucho

Song from Andrea Terrano’s 2016 Album “Innamorata”, featuring my guitar accompaniment to the main theme and my solo between 1:06 and 1:56

Song 4: Free At Last

An acoustic instrumental I composed as I was recording it using a mix of techniques for improvisation and arrangement. I produced it in my home studio.

Song 5: R’N’R Study #1

I made this as a study for one of my students whose main interest is old R’n’R music. Eventually the backing I created for him to practice to became the basis for this short recording in which I played electric bass and electric guitar with the rest of elements being programmed

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Song 6: Funck Rock Solo Writing Exercise

This was part of my demonstrating an exercise for a student. I wrote a set of changes and a melody for a funk rock song and then I wrote a solo over one of the sections which can be heard in this short snippet.