Get the support and the focus you need:

Guitar tuition can give you the support and the focus you need. Thus, it can help you achieve your goals and materialize your dream. For example, through regular music tuition and practice you can acomplish at least some of the following:

– You can take your playing and your understanding of the musical language to the next level.
– You can learn the songs you’ve always loved.
– Learn to find realistic short term goals to get you closer to your long term ones in a more efficient way.
– Through regular practice, you can reach an understanding of what kinds of practice do help you to achieve steady improvement.
– If you wish to, you can follow a set curriculum in classical, pop/rock or jazz. There are a number of examination boards offering different options.\"http:\/\/\/2016\/05\/11\/routine-council-some-public-venom\/\" Other Benefits:

Music tuition can also benefit everybody in many different ways. It has a wide variety of positive cognitive effects. These effects are not limited to improvements in musical skill. Music tuition brings many transferable benefits such as improved concentration and memory: the article in the link is a great read and it is full of more specific details.

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– Skype Tuition £30 per hour.
– One to one guitar tuition in Mill Hill: £30 per hour.
– I can come to your home in London NW7 for £35 per hour.
– I can travel anywhere in London: £50 per hour.
– If you are two or more people wanting to learn together please do get in touch to discuss a suitable arrangement.

Phone: 07963568234
Skype: Rafael.Marchante.Angulo